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AIAA Wright Flyer Project   
We have built a precise replica for the purpose of acquiring thorough full scale aerodynamic data from tests in the NASA Ames Research Center 80 x 120 foot wind tunnel at Moffet Field, Mt. View, CA,. 
Wright Redux Association 
This Wright Flyer is being flown.  It received an Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA 3/17/2003.  The N-Number has been assigned to the Spirit of Glen Ellyn Wright Brothers Flyer. It is: N203WF 

See press item in AVWeb   

First to Fly  
Super site ... this has everything  
How to build a full size 1902, earlier kites, flying models, photos of the workshop, science, formulas, lift balances, historical corrections ... and more!
Building the 1902 Wright Glider  note: part of the site above 
Extensive information  ... plans ... photos and more   
... very cool animated graphic of the 1903 Flyer in flight through clouds  
    May be slow to load ... worth the wait.
Drawings of the Wright 1903 Flyer  
Several down loadable drawings; plus, order form for a complete set of plans.  

The Smithsonian, NASM Archives Division, commissioned a new set of 50 drawings of the airframe and engine. These drawings are available from the as a set, or individually; each drawing measures 24 X 36 inches (60.9 X 91.4 cm)

Engine castings for the 1903 Wright Flyer  
Photos and purchase information to build a working engine 
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1903 Wright Flyer Annotated Line Drawing ... research material
First Century of Flight 
Minnesota Celebrates the First Century of Flight 
Governor's Proclamation, history, links and aviation calendar. 

MN/DOT - Aviation Education  
Resource page for young people (and adults).  
Some other links: 

Office of 
A flying version of the 1903 Flyer (with wheels).  Built by Jack Lambie, prolific author, speaker and member of SHA.   Jack is noted for his composite knowledge and experience, so the Wright Flyer is a change of pace. 
Wright Flyer Official Model Aircraft  by Arizona Models ... details on these models are incredible.  Kits available from 1/12 scale to 1/3 scale.  Also, full scale parts are available.  Jaime Johnston (480) 448-3733 

Assembly Photos of full size replica 

Other photos of model 

Aviation Links not specific to the Wright Brothers:  Holcomb's Aerodrome 

Sponsor and Friend Websites Below:
All Star Warbirds Custom Embroidery 
Speed Props and Pylons
EAA Chapter 25, Minneapolis 
Several EAA, Chapter 25 members are  working on the Wright Flyer.  EAA is the Experimental Aircraft Association. 
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