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Warning:  This website describes a 1903 Flyer replica being built for display purposes only ... it will not fly.

These pages are informally presented here by one of the builders of a 1903 Flyer reproduction for the use, education and enjoyment of those interested in the world of aviation. No claim is made for the accuracy of materials presented. Content and/or policy opinions expressed within these pages are solely those of the author. They DO NOT necessarily reflect the position of any other organization. Responsibility for accuracy in referred and hyperlinked materials rests entirely with the applicable author and no remuneration is made.

Do not use the photos, images and descriptions herein to build a flying version of the 1903 Flyer or any other aircraft.  In some cases, the construction is deviating from the plans of the original 1903 Flyer.  In later years, even the Wright Brothers admitted that they would not have flown the original 1903 Flyer without changes.

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